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Inside out or outside in? The challenge of defining and evaluating success within the partnership model

The success criteria for law firms have typically been internal not external and heavily weighted towards financial factors such as turnover, profit and, ultimately, Profit-per-Partner.

Lexington hosts a Leadership Circles at the IBA Annual Conference 2024 in Mexico City. A series of invitation-only discussions with law firm leaders from around the world.

This event has been organised by CM Murray and Lexington Consultants.

Numbers are strictly limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The Chatham House rule applies.

Against the current backdrop of market uncertainty and margin squeeze, the leading firms are today looking beyond financial data and more readily embracing client needs and team satisfaction as their criteria for success. Most radically, some are keeping partner financials confidential or even moving away from financial targets totally (increasing profits as a result!).  This move from “harder” to “softer” success criteria is understandable – else firms may not have trusted clients nor the people to service them - but aren’t these new success criteria harder to define and evaluate?

We will be looking specifically at real examples where clients have asked law firms

to explain whether partner rewards are aligned to receiving a better service.

During this interactive workshop, a specially invited group of law firm leaders will be discussing whether our criteria for understanding success, evaluating then rewarding partners, needs to be external and not internally focused.  


Date: Sunday 15th September

Time: 9.30h-12.00h 

(Coffee & tea included)


Address: Hyatt Regency Mexico City 

Campos Elíseos 204, Polanco Chapultepec, Ciudad de México 11560,

Room: Residencia #3

Contact for further information


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