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Achieving growth - through merger, strategic relationships and alliances

Reviewing options

Identifying targets

Due diligence



  • Assisting a firm in developing the strategic logic for a merger or alliance then reviewing the positive and negative of each option

  • Financial and data analysis allowing objective decision-making - finding the good matches

  • Developing buy-in as required from the wider partnership 

  • Assisting firms in the research, analysis then selection of potential alliance and merger partners, or alternatively as they respond to an approach

  • Annonymous brand research on the client and market view of different options 

  • If preferable, we can also make the initial approach - on an anonymous basis 

  • In order not to damage relationships, we often complete the due diligence process - asking some of the more challenging questions around finances and clients - while also providing an outside perspective

  • Our experience in merger negotiation makes the process more successful, through equity and remuneration issues, structure and governance, and the partnership agreement

  • We can develop the agenda and keep both parties on track

  • Not all mergers deliver on their promise - the hard work doesn´t end with signing an agreement

  • We regularly develop workshops for partners, assisting them in reviewing the new opportunities, developing and then putting into action their vision for the new firm

  • Part of this is about getting buy-in from all partners to the new approach - whether that is at a firm, practice, industry group or client level

Legal markets are more competitve and more complex, consolidation and globalisation continues. While past alliances were sometimes agreed over lunch and toasted over cocktails, these days a more structured approach is required.

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