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Building the leadership skills required for success

Your firm relies on the people it employs. As a "knowledge business", they are your most valuable asset.


So developing their knowledge and skills is a business-critical issue. Every good lawyer is up-to-date on the law, but they must also understand how to support your firm's strategy, business objectives and client relationships in a way that maximises profitability and minimises risk.


An integrated learning & development structure goes way beyond arranging a few training courses, however. It starts with the firm's strategy and builds a progressive programme for lawyers at all levels to help them contribute to your business in the most appropriate manner.


Click on the image to view a sample programme, learn about faculty members and more.

This is where the Lexington Academy will help you.


Our team has exceptional experience of running top quality training courses in all aspects of law firm management. Importantly, they also have experience of designing and implementing learning & development structures which are intrinsically linked to firm strategy.


We are currently working with firms on programs helping:

  • Senior lawyers develop their team leadership and people management skills.

  • Design partner promotion processes.

  • Firms develop their value-based pricing and negotiation skills.

  • Partners and senior associates improve their pitching and presentation skills in group and one-to-one sessions.

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We are very proud to collaborate with the following

Some of our recent experience includes:

  • designing, getting buy-in, implementing and managing a start-to-finish training programme for a global firm

  • designing a partners' skills assessment project (including a review of the partner appraisal process) with business psychologists for a major UK law firm

  • mentoring the senior partners at a major UK law firm on team and people management issues

  • providing pricing training for a leading Portuguese law firm

  • reviewing the competency structure and appraisal process for a global firm 

  • providing sales training to partners at a major global law firm

  • delivering a one-day leadership training to partners at the leading Indian law firms (in Delhi and Mumbai)

  • designing and leading business skills development centres for senior associates at a global firm

  • designing and delivering a business skills assessment centre for partner candidates at a global firm

  • delivering a pitching training session to partners at a major European law firm

  • delivering management training to the Partnership Track lawyers at a Magic Circle law firm

  • reviewing and updating the partner promotion process at a global firm

  • designing and delivering a partner candidate preparation programme for a global law firm

  • designing and delivering team leadership and people management training programmes for a top European law firm

  • designing and delivering training on effective collaboration across offices/practice areas an off-shore law firm

  • designing and delivering client relationship management training programmes for a top Portuguese law firm

  • designing and delivering business plan training for a leading Irish law firm  

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