Preparing for the future - not relying on hope

We assist firms in identifying and addressing their key ‘high impact’ issues through project-based consulting interventions, top-team advisories, partnership retreats and one-to-one coaching.




We assist firms in developing an understanding of the prevailing competitive trends, the impact of these on their competitive position and performance and to understand the detailed implications in terms of actions, sequencing and resourcing in order to achieve their strategic objectives. Our support can be firm-wide or focused on a specific practice area, industry or geography.

Compensation reviews and design

An increasing amount of our work involves advising on compensation systems, ensuring that they are aligned with strategy, promote the profitable growth of the business and are supportive of the desired culture - all critical to success. Key to this is ensuring that the various dimensions of the system are appropriately balanced in order to support the right partner behaviour - raising complex organisational and cultural issues.

Our experience has taught us that there is no one size fits all solution and that each firm needs to tailor its solution accordingly. It goes without saying that the partners need to be engaged in a remuneration review. We have experience of all systems be they lock-step, parity, narrow ‘eat what you kill’ or more balanced, broad-based performance systems and have a deep understanding of their impact and how these can be adapted.



Governance, structure and ownership

We also work with firms to review their governance structures to ensure that they are fit for purpose given the individual firm’s stage of development and the demands of the competitive environment in which it operates. This includes developing effective and efficient decision taking and implementation, ensuring appropriate partnership engagement and commitment,  and achieving high levels of organisation effectiveness.