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Understanding change as an opportunity - not a threat

We assist firms in identifying and addressing their key ‘high impact’ issues through project-based consulting interventions, top-team advisories, partnership retreats and one-to-one coaching.




  • Making sense of the changing needs of clients and people

  • Deciding which opportunities to pursue and why

  • Increasing specialisation through new service lines and sector knowledge

  • Entering new and highly profitable practice areas and markets

Clients and markets 

  • Developing stronger and deeper client relations 

  • Improving market positioning 

  • Focussing on specific sector and client opportunities (Sector Groups and Key Account Management)

  • Organising your marketing and Business Development (BD)

  • Winning work, competitive tenders and pitches

  • Improving pricing and profitability

Business performance

  • Improving efficiency and service delivery 

  • Increasing collaboration through knowledge sharing, technology and innovation

  • Introducing real life applications of innovation in its broadest sense, typically including process improvement, knowledge management and project management

  • Understanding the practical application of technology and the behavioural change elements and multi-team approach vital to make this all happen

  • Performance dashboards and financial reporting

  • Ensuring you have the business model required to deliver on your strategy

Compensation reviews and design

  • Defining partner "contribution" with a "fair" distribution of profits

  • Improving partner performance, from objective setting to annual performance reviews

  • Aligning these with strategy, promoting the profitable growth of the business

  • Supporting the right partner behaviour - raising complex organisational and cultural issues

Governance, structure and ownership

  • Updating governance and structure as firms grow and increase their complexity

  • Balancing the organisational matrix across offices, practices, sector groups and client teams

  • Enabling growth and introducing new partners without diluting profitability

  • Balancing partner interests through effective and efficient decision-taking

  • Ensuring appropriate partnership engagement and commitment


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