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Podcast: Defining the Perfect Partner

In this podcast recording,  Zulon Begum, Partner at CM Murray and leading international law firm management consultant, Moray McLaren Partner at Lexington Consultants, discuss new research by the IBA’s Law Firm Management Committee (LFMC) which explores recent trends in partner profit sharing, remuneration and reward.

Key discussion points from this podcast recording:

  • Is there such a thing as a ‘perfect partner’ and how do you define them?

  • Gaining a better definition of partner contribution with an increasing adoption of non-financial performance indicators

  • Introducing clearer guard rails and ensuring there is a fair process

  • Diffusing tensions around partner remuneration discussions and avoiding barriers to change

  • Providing leadership with “teeth” by revisiting and reinforcing governance

  • Moving from partner evaluation to partner development

  • A look to the future – how AI will move the goals posts on partner contribution and remuneration


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