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A first-of-its-kind merger in Mexico

After Mexican Elite firm Gonzalez Calvillo and Perez Llorca revealed their merger plans on 16th April 2024, the Legal Media got the initial market reactions from international legal experts. 

Mari Cruz Taboada, partner at Lexington Consultants, comments at Latin Lawyer that whilst Pérez-Llorca’s launch in Mexico represents a “natural next step” in the firm´s growth strategy, “opening through a merger was less expected.” She explains that the Iberian outfit has grown its other offices through a combination of organic growth and strategic lateral hires, highlighting that the González Calvillo is its first merger. “Success isn’t guaranteed as mergers are always challenging.” Despite those challenges, the Lexington Consultants partner says that the merger “offers a unique opportunity to build business from current contacts, such as companies listed on Spain’s IBEX 35 stock exchange, private equity funds and referrals from US law firms.” According to Taboada, the combined firm could help meet “ongoing demand from Pérez-Llorca’s existing US clients – in particular from New York .

Moray McLaren added in his comments to Global Legal Post, the merger may have been more opportunistic than planned and reflected the need for generational leadership change within the firm with the deal “coming at the right time for most of the senior partners”. “Pérez-Llorca has attracted a top domestic firm, which is unusual and may reflect increasing competition and the benefits for González Calvillo of plugging into the firm’s international network to attract higher value cross-border work, as well as the attraction of being part of a larger platform,” he said.

Read more in-depth information about the merger below ⬇ . 

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