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Katie Dignan

"The changing client needs"



Katie Dignan has been advising professional services businesses on their sales and business development strategies for more than 20 years.  


She is an expert on the best way to manage the sales process and how to make it work efficiently in your business. 

She analyses firms existing strengths and weaknesses using their own data to provide insights to spot new opportunities and growth markets, while equipping teams to exploit them. If you want to grow your market share in a particular area of business or sector, then Katie will help you do it.


She regularly advises on how to price competitively and has worked with leadership teams on firm pricing strategies, and with practice groups and individual client teams on creative approaches.

She is an experienced coach and mentor, delivering practical training courses and workshops to help delegates develop their own sales style and perform better. 

Further information:

  • BA Hons Drama

  • Open University Professional Certificate in Management

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