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"Using words to transform. Speak only with a good purpose "


Chris Dignan


Chris Dignan is an award-winning writer with more than 30 years’ experience in journalism, business communications and public relations.


He now produces powerful and polished Thought Leadership reports for many of the leading names in professional services. 

Projects include TL reports for global organisations with international audiences as well as country-based reports. Sectors he has covered include climate change, insurance, housing, private equity, planning and health. He has also worked with several clients on large programmes to help them assess the impact of their own Thought Leadership campaigns and how to increase their effectiveness.

Chris will help you identify the key topics, interpret research results and convert data into clear, interesting, readable and insightful commentary that gets attention from the intended markets.

In addition to working in-house for several large law firms, he was previously a journalist with several UK newspapers including The Sunday Times and The Times, and has been the recipient of the UK Reporter of the Year award.

We asked the team what they see as the big challenge for firms.


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