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We are participating in a number of events related to the challenges faced by lawyers across the globe.



Strategies for success in Latin America. Don't waste this opportunity to reinvent your law firm

Richard Macklin, Global Vice-Chair at Dentons, Mari Cruz Taboada and Moray McLaren at Lexington Consultants introduce the key drivers that lead law firms to success. Legal Vision 2020 ( Lawit)   Click on the image to watch the video. 


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Should law firms be looking at merger opportunities for 2021?

Law firm mergers-joining apples and apples, oranges and oranges plus avoiding a damaging mis-match. Click here to read the article

2021: Implementing your law firm's ambition

As law firm partners meet in  their annual retreats to plan ahead, it provides an opportunity to revisit their ambitions for the firm. Click on the image to watch the video. 

Lessons learned in 2020: The seven key trends in the legal market 

Lexington advises law firms across the fast-changing and frontier markets. COVID-19 is posing a number of challenges and we wanted to share our current thinking on the issues we are seeing globally. Click here to read Lexington Q4 newsletter.

Leadership Insight: Time for leadership, not a leader

The latest interview from the Möller Institute at the University of Cambridge, part of its Leadership Insight series. Click on the image to see the video.

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Now or never: Developing efficient digital service delivery for Legal departments 

In-house lawyers are facing the challenge to lead the strategic growth, risk and contract management of their companies remotely, but are they well equipped? Click here to see the programme and panel details.  

To watch the video highlights click on the image.

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Management challenges for African law firms during and after Covid-19 crisis

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As Africa´s law firms are coming to terms with Covid-19 some are feeling more optimistic about the consequences than others. The only certainty is that the market will return. The challenge is, therefore, which law firms will emerge from Covid-19 in a stronger or weaker position than before. 

To watch the video highlights click on the image.

Rethinking leadership approaches in light of Covid-19. Individuals matter!

Law firm leaders need to better understand the individual stresses and needs of all members of their firms during these challenging times. Working from home, in virtual teams, creates challenges that have never really been experienced before. 

To watch the video highlights click here.

Rewriting the leadership book for lawyers as we discover the 'new abnormal' following Covid-19 

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We share our reflections on leadership during this IBA webinar, arguing that law firms need to create a global profession that is more human, empathetic and takes care of the biggest asset – their people – better. 


The programme and video are available at the IBA website, click on the image:

Crisis pitch: Are clients changing the way their external providers are competing for work?

“Will pitching change post COVID-19?”  is a question we’re being asked by lots of our clients and contacts.  Click on the image to read the article. 


of Covid-19: How will this affect my prospects?

Being a young partner or a senior associate in times 

As law firms mitigate the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic a panel of experts discuss the new challenges for the career development of younger partners as well as new potential partners.

Has Covid-19 solved the challenge of lawyer burnout or made it worse? Law firm leaders share their challenges and responses to the current crisis 

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We hear that some lawyers have enjoyed the positive aspects of working-from-home, in this second part of the IBA webinar, while others have really struggled with the overnight change to home working where challenging family dynamics, loneliness and a lack of structure have really taken their toll.

The programme and video are available at the IBA website, click on the image .

Tim License and Moray McLaren lead a boot camp for IBA officers delivering their conference sessions online

International Bar Association webinar bootcamp 

Post Covid-19: What will the "new normal" be like

Tony King shares his thoughts on the potential longer term impact of the coronavirus. Click on the image to read the article. 


Winners & Losers: How the current crisis is accelerating changes in the market for legal services 

In a presentation to Latin American law firms, Lexington´s Moray McLaren and Richard Macklin, Global Vice Chair at Dentons, ask whether we should be expecting a greater rate of change for law firms going forward. To watch the video click on the image. 

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We contributed a special project by The Moller Institue at Cambridge University. Click on the image for a summary or click here for further information.


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The Power of Purpose

During difficult times tensions can surface over the approach to sharing profits

The online magazine LexLatin published our experience on having better conversations amongst partners regarding profit division during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Click on the image to read in Portuguese

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Click on the image to read in Spanish 

El In-House navegando en plena tormenta. La gestión legal frente al Covid-19

Frente a la actual pandemia, los abogados de empresa son clave para lidiar con las consecuencias del brutal freno económico.  La recaudación de este evento  se destino a la labor humanitaria y social del Comite de la Cruz Roja Internacional. Gracias a todos los asistentes por la colaboración

Presentado por Lexington Consultants.

Puede leer el reportaje y ver el resumen del webinar haciendo click en las imágenes.

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Reflections from legal practitioners and industry specialists from across the globe. Presented by the IBA´s Law Firm Management Committee. Click on the image for a summary or click here for further information.

Personal tales from the wild side: the lawyers’ survival guide to Covid-19


LexAfrica members discuss the steps that firms are taking to face this era of uncertainty from countries such as Kenia, Nigeria, Mauritius, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Angola amongst others with the support of Lexington Consultants.

Click on the image below for a summary. 


From surviving to thriving:strategies for times of crisis

From Necessity to Innovation: Strategies and Practices for Disruptive Times


Enterprise Leaders Circle (ELC), India, is a quarterly convening of General Counsel, heads of functions and innovation leaders from across the industry.

Presented by Vahura and Agami with the support of Lexington Consultants.

For further information click here.

We Are in the Same Storm, But We Art Not in the Same Boat


Lexington Consultants participated in the recent discussions among the Fellows of the Institute of Coaching, Harvard University. For further information click here.