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"Analysis over argument"

Bala Menon


Bala Menon is an experienced management consultant with a specialisation in data analytics, research and design. He excels in analysing data sets and undertaking targeted research to bring an informed perspective and solutions to a client's problems. 


He has successfully built the Research and Consulting Vertical at Vahura. Bala has a background in business studies and completed his PGCHRM from XLRI, Jamshedpur - an Ivy league Business School in India. He is a certified psychometric evaluator and has a deep interest in design thinking, behavioural economics and the business of law. 


Further information:

  • Leads the consulting division of Vahura

  • Post-graduate in Human Resource Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur

  • Certified professional in Behavioural Analysis, expert in Research and Data Analytics


We asked the team what they see as the big challenge for law firm leaders.


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